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Wine World Gift Central  

We have many beautiful baskets ready for you in-store.  We select popular wines and spirits and pre-make them so the basket is ready when you are.  If you want to choose the wines or spirits, we can make up a custom basket as quickly as possible.  Either way, the basket will be a special gift.

To order a custom basket: 

Choose "Make It A Basket!" Quick & Easy

  • You may choose any wine or liquor we have in the store. 

  • You may choose any size bottle. 

  • You may have multiple bottles

It's so EASY -- we've got you covered!  Same with Gift Bags or Boxes.  You can choose what goes in the bag or box and we'll dress it up for you!

TIMING:  "Quick & Easy" custom basket orders currently can be ready within within about an hour -- or less whenever possible! *When timing is close to any major holiday or event, turnaround times may be extended.  Please try to order ahead to be sure we have your basket ready when you need it.  You may always order online, phone in, or stop in to the store.  

Gift Bags and boxes - we'll turn them around instantly as long as time allows.  If you have many bottles, we'll be happy to get them started as soon as possible and give you an approximate ready time. We'll always do our best for you!                

Quick & Easy Basket                                                   Gift Bags & Boxes

Ready as quick as possible                                         We'll dress up your bottle in a jiffy!


Wine World - Amherst, NY’s Leading Wine and Liquor Store

Wine World at 3158 Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst, NY is a wine and liquor store that offers a vast selection for customers to choose from.  Wine World has wide isles, a clean and bright atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and is committed to “Every Day Low Prices” on many of the most popular items.  Wine World has been the leading Wine and Liquor store in the Amherst area.

A Vast Selection of Wines and Liquors

Our wide selection of wine and liquor focus on the two primary ideas: what do our customers want and what are the best and highly sought-after products from around the world.  It is important to keep our selection up to date as far as what’s new and exciting in the market but also to always offer the usual options our customers expect and at reasonable prices!

Wine World has a Loyalty Program

Beyond a great selection, we also have a loyalty program that rewards customers for each and every purchase.  With no expiration date on what they earn, customers accumulate points and can redeem them for cash back on future purchases.  It’s just another way we say thank you to our Wine World customers for keeping us the leading wine store and liquor store in Amherst and Buffalo area. 

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